A preview from Tim Flach’s forthcoming book

Added on 29.06.2017
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Amphibians were the first class of vertebrates to appear on Earth, but at the hands of a far younger species, they may become the first to disappear. They owe the first 370 million years of their existence to a remarkable adaptiveness across their seven thousand species. For instance, the harlequin toad, which inhabits noisy environments around rivers and waterfalls, has learned to communicate visually, waving it’s forearms when its croaks are drowned out by the noise of rushing water. Each individual bears a unique, dazzling pattern of colours that attracts mates and deters predators, but it does not defend them against human beings. Although harlequicn toads are under serious threat from chytridiomycosis, one of the deadliest diseases of all time, deforestation of their habitat is four times as dangerous.